Residential Paving

Residential Asphalt Driveway Paving

We offer high quality Residential Paving bituminous asphalt installations, done by experienced professionals who care about your driveway. Speed is not what we’re looking for but quality we can take pride in. We want to feel good about the Residential Paving work we do for anyone. Everything from the careful removal. To the finish rolling and cleanup. A job well planned and well done.


Resurface is a paving install using the existing asphalt drive as a base. Typically this can be done on a driver that has one layer and has settled by the garage and sidewalk and curb. This allows us to meet flush at those points, even if there’s minimal settling.  A resurface can still be done with a little preparation. This is a 1.5” installation.  This has been referred to as an economy option.

2 year guarantee.


A reconstruction is a thorough and complete restoration to return the driveway to original tolerances. Driveway is first removed   Grades are established to determine how much stone is needed. Stone is added,  graded and compacted. Asphalt is machine laid to a depth of 3”.  Reconstruction usually requires a permit. Ranging from 50 dollars to 110 depending on your community development department. A plat of survey is also required for the permit process. This is secured by us but permit fee applies.

5 year guarantee.