Asphalt Patching Services

Commercial Patching

Do you have localized damage to your parking lot? Do not wait to fix your asphalt surface, as small cracks and sunken areas can worsen and further damage your lot. Furthermore, you do not want to be liable for pedestrian injury or vehicle damage on your property.

Fortunately, Naperville Paving can easily, quickly patch damaged asphalt. We can patch all damaged areas and ensure they are proofed against further deterioration. We have over 25 years of experience in the Naperville asphalt paving industry and can provide you the best patching service at the most competitive price.

Driveway Patching

 Ramp Patch

It’s very common for driveways to settle in front of the garage. Leaving the all to familiar annoying bump as we drive into the garage. We have a solution to this problem without tearing out entire drive. We call it a “Ramp Patch”. A Ramp Patch is where we fill in that area with hot asphalt to the level of the garage floor, then bring the asphalt 4 to 6 feet out from the garage depending on how severe sinking is. At that 4 to 6 foot mark, we saw cut across driveway to create a butt joint to accommodate the the asphalt to a clean and flush finish wish existing driveway. Seal coating driveway after the patch will lessen the appearance of a patch being done.  Voila. Repair is complete and better yet.  No more BUMP.

Basic Driveway Patching

Driveways settle and buckle, crack and break.

We can saw cut and remove broken and sunken areas   Restoring it with new hot asphalt to its original condition.


Asphalt patching fixes the following:

  • Deteriorated Pavement
  • “Alligator” & Block Cracking
  • Sunken Areas
  • Potholes
  • Drainage Problems
  • Base Failure
  • Root Damage
  • Frost Heaves


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